Radiant heat is highly desirable for its comfort and efficiency. In place of baseboards and radiators, it uses large surfaces such as floors to emit heat. Heated water is piped under floors and through large radiant panels to provide a very satisfying quality of heat that radiates from the floor or panel.

Radiant heat can achieve higher efficiency than baseboard heat because it uses lower temperature water with larger radiant surfaces. Modern boilers equipped with advanced controls can use radiant emitters to produce the same amount of heat with less fuel and without noticeable changes in room temperature. With the addition of mixing valves, one boiler can deliver high-temperature water to baseboards in one part of the house while feeding lower-temperature radiant emitters in another part of the house.

We build custom radiant and snow melt systems using components from top manufacturers.


Featured Radiant Heating Manufacturer


uponor-logo.jpgUponor is a world leader in radiant heating systems, PEX plumbing systems and fire safety protection systems. The company was founded in 1620 in Virsbo, Sweden, forging high-quality steel and weapons for the King of Sweden. In 1968 Wirsbo emerged as the leader in the polyethylene pipe industry and today is well renowned for radiant heating. Radiant floor heating is clean, practical, comfortable, economical and versatile. It concentrates heat near the floor, furniture and your family; provides even heating throughout your home; eliminates cold, drafty rooms; and can reduce heating bills by 20-40 percent. Plus radiant heating is quiet, maintenance-free and helps keep household air free of allergens and pollutants.