iS_000015703545.jpgWe offer flexible choices to help you manage your home comfort costs!

Windsor Fuel makes paying your bills both convenient and flexible. You can smooth out your payments with the Balanced Billing Budget Plan and eliminate the threat of inflation with Price Protection. You also have the option to pay online through this website or have Windsor Fuel withdraw payments directly from your bank account.

Please review the payment options below, then call our office or contact us to enroll or change your payment method.

Balanced Billing Budget Plan

Windsor Fuel's Balanced Billing Budget Plan is a great tool for making fuel costs manageable and predictable. Rather than paying the bill for each oil delivery as we make it, you spread out your costs over 12 months. You get out in front of your heating costs and pay one predictable amount each month, rather than paying for most of your fuel in the cold months, when your demand for heat is highest.

We set your Balanced Billing payments each summer by estimating your costs for the year ahead, based on past usage and the anticipated cost of oil for the year ahead. We divide your expected annual cost, which can include the cost of your service contact, into monthly payments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Monthly bills are based on estimates, and your actual costs may vary, due to changes in your consumption rate and/or the price of oil. You can wait until the end of the budget year when you may get a larger or smaller bill, or you can log in to your account, check your payment status, and adjust your monthly payment accordingly. You can also call our office or contact us any time to check the status of your Budget Billing account.

Pay Online

We offer the option of paying your bill online by credit card or electronic funds transfer, please log in to your account.

Price Protection

You can eliminate the threat of inflation for the next heating season by taking advantage of our Price Protection programs. Price Protection can be combined with the Balanced Billing Budget Plan for the ultimate convenience and protection. To learn more about how you can lock in your price, please visit our Price Protection page.

Need more information on our payment options? Contact us!