Windsor is so deeply committed to clean, green fueling, we don’t just deliver Bioheat® fuel to our heating customers; we also deliver blends of up to B20 biodiesel (20 percent biodiesel, 80 percent diesel fuel) to our commercial customers. Biodiesel is not only friendlier for the environment – thanks to New York State’s fuel tax structure it’s friendlier for your wallet. And these benefits are just the top of the barrel. Biodiesel’s other benefits include:

  • No engine modifications required – you won’t need to retrofit or alter your vehicle’s engine in any way to begin using biodiesel.

  • Clean burning – biodiesel promotes improved air quality, reducing particulates and greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming.

  • Domestically produced – produced and blended on American soil, using American crops, biodiesel creates jobs and promotes American energy independence.

  • Efficiency and renewability – biodiesel contains 5.4 times the amount of energy it takes to produce it, making it one of the most efficient energy sources available.

  • Health and safety – biodiesel is the only fuel that has passed EPA’s tier 1 & 2 health effects testing, and it did so easily!

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